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Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies Podcast

Jul 16, 2021

Welcome to Garage to Goliath. I'm Dan Quiggle. I'm honored to have my dear friend Cutberto Hernandez joining me on my podcast today. Cutberto Hernandez is the president of Mares
Mortgage, which helps keep him very involved. But his commitment to philanthropy is truly mind-blowing. From his work as the co-founder and director of Mares Foundation, Boys & Girls Club, Boy Scouts of America, Mission Basilica, San Juan Capistrano Catholic Church, the building to serve campaign, Museum Cata Suey, Museum in Sonata Mexico, and the list goes on and on.
You'll definitely want to stick around to hear about Cutberto Hernandez unique leadership style and his desire to educate and promote the welfare of others.

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