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Garage to Goliath | Leaders Building Legacies Podcast

Jul 21, 2021

Welcome to Garage to Goliath. I'm Dan Quiggle. And I'm honored to have Steve Heroux joining us today, Steve Heroux is the CEO and founder of victory selling based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He's a
sales development expert, professional trainer and keynote speaker, author of sales is not a dirty word, and the creator of the two quarters to greatness system, which is revolutionizing his
client sales organizations. For the past 25 years, Steve has trained 1000s of salespeople to reach and surpass their targets, and lead multiple high-performing sales teams. He continues to
change the way we look at sales and sales leadership and leaves his clients and audiences inspired and empowered by providing them cutting-edge strategies on selling in today's competitive marketplace.


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